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The Attention Deficit: Step away from your Facebook!

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Are we too attached to our mobile devices? This television ad from Thailand says it all with very few words. The point is not that mobile devices and content are bad, it’s more about what experiences you are missing, by being glued to the stuff that doesn’t matter. The most powerful social content is the amazing real life events experiences you have to share with your friends, not mundane everyday tweets…Nobody really cares if you checked in at a restaurant unless it’s all about an amazing experience. Social content about true fun, discovery and people living a real life. This is what activates social media. Everything else is a waste of time, because it’s taking away from the experiences you could be having.


Location! Location! Location!

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 Location marketing  is becoming more and  more appealing to advertisers who need to  sell everything from food to fuel and oh  yes, real estate. Just pull out your iPhone  and  download the free app from realtors  like and drive around to see  what’s  available. The app will not only  show a list  with pictures and asking  prices, the  agent’s name , phone number  and email, but also GPS navigation and a  link to their  website (with more details  about the  property if you can tolerate  zooming in). This type of  marketing is  changing  the way we sell  many things.  Dealing with  real estate brokers and auto  dealers will involve less haggling, schlepping and handholding and more discovery and deal making. Strategic branding will replace what we’ve known mostly as brand advertising. Example: Auto dealers and their strategic branding partners will discover new locations to park their showroom vehicles to get more than just a little visual exposure. Realtors will have multiple open house tours and promotions featuring wine tastings etc. to literally drive traffic (or should I say, “have traffic drive itself”) to multiple locations experiencing homes staged for optimal ambiance. Why reach a customer when they are kicking back and watching the super bowl when you can reach them on location and in the act of looking for your products and services?