WWWheelz is a blog created by Benjamin Wheeler, an out of the box thinker and owner of Wheeler & Co., a strategic branding firm based in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. A digital pioneer, in 1984 Ben helped create a pre-cursor to websites like Amazon.com. This was a general merchandise catalog called ACCESS ’84 which got it’s start in print, but made it’s way to a digital format on a kiosk placed in Embarcadero Center in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. In 1989 working for the J. Walter Thompson Company in New York, Ben created the company’s first digital mechanical. Until then type had been ordered from type houses and – “Pasted-Up” with photos or illustrations on a board to be photographed and converted to plates for printing. The concept of producing an entire layout and mechanical on a computer in-house was still pretty radical at the time. Around this time Ben became known to many at JWT as “The Type Doctor”. Trained as a graphic designer Ben made a transition from print media to digital media nearly a decade ahead of many of his peers. Today he focuses on strategic branding for the web, mobile and other digital and non-digital environments. “I’m still working with type, but in very different ways…People call it CSS and SEO and even Social Network Marketing. Working strategically with words and their meanings has taken on much greater importance. In many ways visuals have taken a back seat to strategy and searchable keywords, but in a world of templates and generic formats there is still an opportunity for people to stand-out by creating a strong visual brand. 


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