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My First Russian Website

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My First Russian Website

My first Russian website…Designed both English and Russian versions to include social media and a :30tv spot on the home page. Sport-Express is Russia’s most significant sports media holding company. The foundation helps disadvantaged kids and orphans through involvement and training in sports.


Patagonia Video Content Strategy

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Patagonia has a pretty interesting video content strategy. While there is a lot of product oriented stuff, there’s also some good environmental and cause related content as well as outdoor adventures with some great product placement. A lot of it appears to be quasi social or user generated, (I’m guessing they pay their employees and “Patagonia Ambassadors” some sort of endorsement fee in exchange for providing adventure images and stories/on camera interviews). They still do some traditional marketing, like the “Don’t Buy This Jacket” ad on Cyber Monday but it goes a long way considering once the customer gets to the site, they explore it and share the content in social channels where it has the potential to go mass and generate much more user generated content.