Branding for Hard Work Productions

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Branding for a theatre production company

Branding for a theatre production company

My First Russian Website

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My First Russian Website

My first Russian website…Designed both English and Russian versions to include social media and a :30tv spot on the home page. Sport-Express is Russia’s most significant sports media holding company. The foundation helps disadvantaged kids and orphans through involvement and training in sports.

Patagonia Video Content Strategy

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Patagonia has a pretty interesting video content strategy. While there is a lot of product oriented stuff, there’s also some good environmental and cause related content as well as outdoor adventures with some great product placement. A lot of it appears to be quasi social or user generated, (I’m guessing they pay their employees and “Patagonia Ambassadors” some sort of endorsement fee in exchange for providing adventure images and stories/on camera interviews). They still do some traditional marketing, like the “Don’t Buy This Jacket” ad on Cyber Monday but it goes a long way considering once the customer gets to the site, they explore it and share the content in social channels where it has the potential to go mass and generate much more user generated content.

The Attention Deficit: Step away from your Facebook!

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Are we too attached to our mobile devices? This television ad from Thailand says it all with very few words. The point is not that mobile devices and content are bad, it’s more about what experiences you are missing, by being glued to the stuff that doesn’t matter. The most powerful social content is the amazing real life events experiences you have to share with your friends, not mundane everyday tweets…Nobody really cares if you checked in at a restaurant unless it’s all about an amazing experience. Social content about true fun, discovery and people living a real life. This is what activates social media. Everything else is a waste of time, because it’s taking away from the experiences you could be having.

Are you watching The Apprentice?

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If not, you should, because if you know what happened on the show, you could win a trip for 2 to NYC & a tour of NBC Studios! The Apprentice airs 10 ET/PT on Thursdays on NBC. Then visit to play AT&T Mobile TV “Watch and Win”.

Free Tequila on Cinco de Mayo!

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Is there any other day to launch a Tequila brand? Tequilador will make it’s U.S. debut at RS Lounge at 35 East 21st Street
between Broadway and Park. With a short window of opportunity between FDA approval and Cinco de Mayo, Luis Enrique Tappan, president of Let’s Import NYC, decided to take advantage of an empty club undergoing renovations and to use social media to make the May 5th date. Foodies and press are invited to taste the first bottles of the 100% Agave Tequila just off the trucks from Mexico from between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. There will also be a hearty appetizer menu to complement the Tequila which is very smooth.

The Yankees are doing more than just cleaning up on the field!

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Event marketers should spend an evening at the new Yankee Stadium to witness some real innovations with in-venue marketing. While what they have now is pretty impressive, this is just the tip of the iceberg as fans interact more and more with their mobile devices.